AMA School of Medicine, Philippines

AMA School of Medicine – Makati Campus

AMA School of Medicine – Makati Campus is one the most prominent medical schools of Philippines for many reasons like best in class teachers, excellent infrastructure, and amazing environment for students. This is the main catch why a number of foreign students are coming from different parts of world to study medicine here.
The 4 Year Curriculum of the this finest school of medicine in the country provides the medical students with in-depth knowledge and practical experience which inculcates these qualities.

  • Clinical reasoning
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Interdisciplinary Skills
  • Life-long learning


Initial 3 years of medicine education equips the student with an integrated concept and detailed understanding of the basic clinical skills and experience in classroom lectures and last year focuses completely on practical exposure and experience with world laboratories and clinics for complete learning and experience.


Salient Features of AMA School of Medicine – Makati Campus

  • 4 integrated medicine course with excellent student-teacher ratio
  • Detailed study of medicine with clinical and problem based teaching
  • Ultra modern laboratories and best lectures
  • Great classes for hands-on anatomy dissection
  • World-class faculty with great experience of the domain
  • Cost-effective fee with a very flexible payment modules
  • Approved by bodies like WHO and MCI which is great
  • Affiliated with government hospitals and private health institutions
  • Great facilities in the campus for holistic learning
  • USA/American Pattern of Education
  • Medium of education in American English
  • Affordable Fee Structure and Cost of Living


Why to Choose AMA School Of Medicine – Makati Campus

  • Strategically located in MAKATI, Metro Manila Central Business Area
  • Affiliated by three leading hospitals in Manila
  • Also Affiliated to Armed Forces Medical Centre
  • Over 1,000+ hospital beds affiliations
  • WHO Listed & MCI approved
  • Best in class hostels with India food availability
  • 2.4 kms from Indian Embassy in Makati
  • 6 kms from Ninoy Aquino International Airport – Manila.



Students from India after class 12 first enrol in a Pre-medical course for 8-10 months before they are eligible to be admitted to the 4 year medical course. Students with a Bachelors Degree can be admitted directly to MD course.
The four-year medical course progresses from the study of the normal to the abnormal human being. Most subjects are yearly courses taken up for two semesters.
The first year covers the normal Human Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Preventive Medicine & Community health, Psychiatry and Medical Practice I. Class lectures are delivered mostly through computers using LCD projectors complemented by slide/ film showing, laboratory work and group discussions. Pedagogy and Bioethics are incorporated in Principles of Medical Practice I. An introduction to Medical Informatics is incorporated in Preventive Medicine and Community Health before the biostatistics session. Problem-based learning is gradually introduces in certain topics in Biochemistry and Physiology.
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The second year deals with Pathology, Microbiology, Parasitology, Pharmacology, Preventive Medicine and Community Health, Psychiatry II and Medical Economics plus introductory courses in clinical subjects. In small groups, students begin to meet patients in actual hospital setting where they are introduced to history taking and physical examination.
The third year involves didactic lectures on common diseases encountered in clinical practice as well as interesting or rare conditions. Pathophysiology is reviewed while clinical features, diagnostic approaches and principles of management are emphasized.
The fourth year or clinical clerkship is mainly spent in actual patient care with 3 affiliated Hospitals serving as the clinical laboratory. Hospital rounds and group discussions give the student a good perspective on bedside manners, diagnosis and management. The clerks rotate through the different clinical departments for 48 weeks with periodic evaluation. The University has arrangement with Govt. Hospitals and the AFP Hospital for Clerkship.
1st Year Pre-Medical Programme after class 12

Admission Process

Step 1: Download & complete your Offline Application form and Courier it to: Authorized Representative with a copy of class 12 mark sheet and demand draft of fees or Apply Online Now.


Step 2: University will issue you Admission Letter, once we receive your application.


Step 3: Scan and send copy of your Passport along with other mentioned document if you have it. Or APPLY for your passport if you do not have a passport – click here to apply for passport in India:


Step 4: We will file for your visa and get it issued once we receive all your required documents.