KYIV Medical University of UAFM, Ukraine

Kyiv medical university with an excellent record of success and establishment is one of the premier medical institutes of Ukraine, the wise walls of the education firm was established in 1992 by Dr. PokanevichValeriy. The conventional idea of training method and department of research shares a comprehensive knowledge so that clinical environment could be understood in best possible ways. The main focus is to combine an attributes of folk medicine with regular one, the ways are much traditional and tie ups with European curriculum gives that edge to get them top on the podium. The reputation of teaching is very different and inclusion of contrasting aspects with no compromise with modern ethics and technology clears the ground with an array of ideas beside that implementation of methods are something more dynamic about an institute.

We at KMU consults to combine the universal doctrines that works to uphold the baton that is continuous and ever changing and we are proud to say that we are the only institute that deals with practical training in best medical environment. Beside that we provide awesome practice by sending students to Germany and Poland for Internship and training. The faculty members of our institutes’ counts 200 well qualified professionals and scientist who works to make better future for every student who wish to become a doctor, an aesthetic one.

The below mentioned information highlights the course that we look to offer to our aspirants who comes from across to partake on the quest of knowledge to become more then acceptable and dignified.

+ Dental Surgery Department headed by Tymofejev O
+ Department of Therapeutic Dentistry is headed by Professor Doroshenko SI, more renowned for his absolute implementation of most effective methods of traditional medicine.
+ Surgery Department is headed by Professor V. Skiba, much popular for his worldwide reputation and acknowledgements.
+ Department of tuberculosis is headed by Professor V. Melnik and rest of the departments are headed by well know scientists like professor of talc VI

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