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PHYSIOTHERAPY : It is not merely the application of physical modalities it includes total system care—Evaluation, Assessment, Planning the treatment, Treatment application, Re-evalution and Reassessment, modification of treatment it requires the advice to the client.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY : Occupational Therapy Is A Mode Of Treatment In Which Purposeful Activities Are Used To Develop, Improve, Sustain & Restore The Highest Possible Level Of Independence For The Disabled.

» Components

  • Neuro-Muscular Development.
  • Sensory Integrative Development.
  • Cognitive / Perceptive Development.

» Enhance Independence Skills –  Self-Care Activities ( Brushing, Dressing, Toilet Training Etc.)
Making Adaptive Devices (eg Padding Tooth-Brush Handle For Easy Grasp ) And Splints.

SPEECH THERAPY : Being An Effective Team Member Speech Therapist’s Role Is To Facilitate Speech.

Aspects Related To Hearing : –

Common Problems Observed –
Majority Of ‘NO’ Answers On The Checklist Leading To Suspected Hearing Loss. Not Responding To Environment Sounds, Or Not Turning When Sound Is Made.
Not Understanding Instructions.

Children Initially Provide To Become ‘AWARE’ Of Sounds.
‘RECOGNITION’ Of The Sounds And Later. ‘DISCRIMINATION’ Between The Sounds

Special Education Is The Process Of Making Educational Provision To Meet Special Needs Of Children, Which Cannot Be Satisfied By the Present Arrangements Available In ordinary schools.

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